Vital Signs are blood pressure, respiration rate, oxygen saturation, heart rate and body temperature. They are important as they represent the physiological state of the patient.  Vital signs are recorded upon arrival to the emergency department, on admission to a ward, at regular intervals during a patient’s stay and also before, during and after a procedure. It also useful and recommended by family physicians and doctors for managing and controlling the chronic disease such as hypertension.

VitalTracer Technologies is an early-stage start-up in the med-tech industry. We are developing an end-to-end continuous health monitoring solution to help patients with early stage chronic diseases, quantify their health and share this data easily with their caretaker. The solution consists of a wrist based device that measures vital signs such as blood pressure, respiratory rates, oxygen saturation in the blood, heart rate, body temperature and etc. non-invasively, continuously and wirelessly. It can be used now by hypertension patients or simply in training for athletes, as well as in general fitness applications for healthy individuals. It has a wireless transmitter which conducts information to a handheld device able to that records, analyzes and displays the health data. The solution can also detect emergency situations through the use of a multi-sensory approach and send alerts to the caretaker. This data is also stored on the cloud so that the family members and doctors can access to them through a web portal.



VitalTracer helps users to continuously tracks blood pressure, respiratory rate, body temperature, heart rate and  oxygen saturation in the blood, which are difficult to measure accurately with a wristband device. This data gives us insight to predict health of users. The unique selling point of VitalTracer is measuring blood pressure through cuffless technique which enables patient when their blood pressure levels are rising or falling too quickly, predict in advance an oncoming high or low, or simply allow the patient to keep track of their blood pressure status throughout the day. We are not only collecting the large amount of data, but applying some algorithms to extract meaningful information to help people, particularly patients to heal their illness, adapt their lifestyle.  In addition to providing this real time feedback, the data collected by a VitalTracer can also be used with the appropriate software to establish a record of how the patient reacts to exercise, food and drug. The profile of a patient's disease that can be assembled in this way is then useful to clinicians advising on treatment and increase the life quality.  We have also developed a software that analyzes and displays the data gathered by VitalTracer App, providing insights for users to make key lifestyle choices. In addition, this device has a key feature in which emergency situations are detected smartly and alerts are sent to caretakers immediately. Our Platform has four distinguished features:



The system consists of two devices, Vbracer and Vwatch which measure the vital signs of the user. The Vbracer version is wristband and targeted at the lifestyle market, but it doesn’t have a screen on it. All the measured data send to his/her smartphone via Bluetooth. The Vwatch version which is under development is targeted at a more premium market which means it has screen and able to monitor the vital signs measurement as well. So base on the person style and application , he/she has two options with different reasonable prices.


The system consists of cross-platform applications which measure, analyze and monitor the data to users. It is specially designed to fulfill the needs of users with minimal medical background, focusing on simple terminologies and clear bold design to accommodate the requirements of elderly users. Users can view all their health data consolidated, in real time and can share these vital data with their caretakers and also doctors to aid in the better diagnosis and treatment phases.


The system is designed based on intelligent algorithms. These algorithms help detect emergency situations by putting together inputs from various sensors. For instance, if a user’s heart rate or/and blood pressure  is high, this might be a case of a heart attack but the system checks the accelerometer reading in order to eliminate the case of a user running and increase the accuracy. VitalTracer platform is one of the first to adopt a multi-sensory approach in order to enhance accuracy.The other application of these intelligent algorithms is to measure blood pressure based on the heart pulse signals and consider more affected factors in compare with current blood pressure medical devices.  



VitalTracer APP is monitoring, sharing and tracking the data for daily, weekly and monthly on smartphone simultaneously. It could share results instantly with health care provider, family members, and caregiver. Notify them in case emergency. The system allows medical center personnel to communicate with the patient using the patient’s smartphone. In addition the medical center personnel can control VitalTracer device and instruct it to make new measurements.


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