Mihealth is a service that empowers patients with the information they require to take better control of their own health and wellness. This approach not only reduces dependency on the health care system but also facilitates a proactive approach to health management so overall health and wellness can improve dramatically.

The system consists of a personalized web portal for patients to access their data and, if they choose, a secure application on the patient’s smart phone that can store and display their health information anytime they need to access it. mihealth™ has a messaging system that allows bi-directional communication between doctors and their patients. This also allows patients to send their information to an email address or fax machine so that they can give a clinic or other healthcare providers their doctor-verified information anytime it is needed, for example to emergency room staff.

A patient’s personal health information, when shared between a patient and physician, is highly sensitive and demands a premium level of security. This is why mihealth™ is a secured platform which is password protected to allow patients to share their records with their physician and family.

mihealth™ works on Apple®, Windows®, Android™* and Blackberry® smartphones. Patients’ health records and messages are stored by mihealth™ on a secure server. All the data inside the system is bi-directionally encrypted to protect patient privacy. Users must log into mihealth™ using a password to access the clinical information and messaging tool, and messages can never be sent outside of the network.

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