Vital Signs are blood pressure, respiration rate, oxygen saturation, heart rate and body temperature. They are important as they represent the physiological state of the patient.  Vital signs are recorded upon arrival to the emergency department, on admission to a ward, at regular intervals during a patient’s stay and also before, during and after a procedure. It also useful and recommended by family physicians and doctors for managing and controlling the chronic disease such as hypertension.

VitalTracer Technologies is an early-stage start-up in the med-tech industry. We are developing an end-to-end continuous health monitoring solution to help patients with early stage chronic diseases, quantify their health and share this data easily with their caretaker. The solution consists of a wrist based device that measures vital signs such as blood pressure, respiratory rates, oxygen saturation in the blood, heart rate, body temperature and etc. non-invasively, continuously and wirelessly. It can be used now by hypertension patients or simply in training for athletes, as well as in general fitness applications for healthy individuals. It has a wireless transmitter which conducts information to a handheld device able to that records, analyzes and displays the health data. The solution can also detect emergency situations through the use of a multi-sensory approach and send alerts to the caretaker. This data is also stored on the cloud so that the family members and doctors can access to them through a web portal.