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Diane Heywood

Location:Canada, Manitoba, Winnipeg, 496 Hargrave St.


Latest Projects

Equity Strategy - Influenza Immunization

An "equity strategy" was carefully assessed and integrated into the pandemic plan in order to improve access to the influenza vaccine for hard-to-reach populations. The strategy included reducing barriers to access at mass clinics, community outreach clinics in venues both familiar with and new to immunization services, enhanced home-bound immunization services, enhanced interpreter and translation services, the use of grassroots…

Enhanced Orientation for Nurses New to Long-Term Care

The project involved the introduction of a mentorship program and a series of six clinical workshops designed to provide nurses in long term care (LTC) with the foundation and support needed to excel in their work. When nurses develop greater leadership capacity, are better equipped to serve their residents' needs, and are more satisfied with their work, LTC becomes a…

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