InnovateXchange is an interactive and collaborative digital map of innovations across the health care continuum, in Canada, and around the world. It is an online destination where anyone can come to share, learn, and collaborate, all in the name of accelerating the adoption of health care innovation.

Check out our InnovateXchange video: Welcome to InnovateXchange!

InnovateXchange was developed with input from healthcare providers and administrators, industry partners and entrepreneurs, academics and researchers, and policy makers. This tool is an open platform for sharing and learning about innovation in health care, with searchable, sharable data and lots of opportunity for interaction among users. Collaboration and partnership inspires the impossible and the Centre hopes you can use this tool to do just that.

InnovateXchange lets you browse existing innovative ideas, post your own, and brings you into contact with other innovators so you can ask questions and provide new ideas.

This unique tool was built on the belief that if we can harness our collective experiences, creativity and diversity, we can tackle some of our system’s biggest challenges.  By leveraging the power of crowdsourcing, we will bring forth innovations that can drive changes needed to meet the health system demands of today and tomorrow.

Once an idea is populated to the platform, there is room for comments, suggestions, conversation and collaboration.  InnovateXchange is designed to accommodate ideas that span the innovation life cycle, from ideas to research to deployment to impact.

Join the InnovateXchange community today, and discover for yourself what happens when great minds work together.