Reverse Innovation Challenge

The Reverse Innovation Challenge

Colour Outside the Lines: A Reverse Innovation Challenge for Canadian Health Systems (“Colour Outside the Lines”) was an open challenge to inspire current and future leaders to become active participants in shaping the transformation of our health care system. We called on students, health care professionals, entrepreneurs, IT specialists, patients, development workers and innovators from around the world to generate reverse innovation projects that can address some of Canada’s biggest health challenges and drive transformational change. Colour Outside the Lines focused on finding innovations that are being successfully applied in the developing world/emerging markets that offer potential solutions to some of the issues facing Canadian health systems.

This challenge invited participants to submit a reverse innovation idea that could work as a health care innovation business model in Canada. International and cross-sectoral collaboration was at the heart of the reverse innovation challenge. Colour Outside the Lines encouraged participants to form a team of innovators from around the globe, and across industry and academic lines, to help strengthen their idea for reverse innovation. Innovation can come from anywhere; so could submissions for this challenge.

Reverse Innovation Challenge Winning Submission

3nethra: Non-Mydriatic Eye Examination

Submitted by Mohan Pandit and Jeff Martin

Project Description

Early detection of serious eye disease allows health professionals to limit vision loss and blindness which is estimated to cost Canadians almost $16 billion annually. The handheld ophthalmoscope can be used in primary care offices to detect eye disorders, but is technically challenging to use and lacks sensitivity in identifying disease. Consequently, it is a commonly overlooked component of the physical exam. An Indian company, Forus, has developed the 3nethra – a non-mydriatic eye prescreening tool which can detect glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and corneal disease with high sensitivity, minimal invasiveness and low resource requirements. To date, Forus has screened over 500,000 patients in the developing world, most in primary care settings. Armed with the 3nethra, primary care providers in Ontario could revolutionize eye disease screening, improve health outcomes, and save the health care system billions of dollars annually.

RIC Winners Mohan Pandit and Jeff Martin
RIC Winners Mohan Pandit and Jeff Martin
RIC Challenge winners, Mohan and Jeff, talking with Minister Deb Matthews after the conference. �
RIC Challenge winners, Mohan and Jeff, talking with Minister Deb Matthews after the conference.