How to set your preferences/interests

  1. Go to your Dashboard
    1. Hover over your name at the top right of the screen(Circled in yellow)faq-dashboard
  2. Click “My Profile”
  3. To edit your profile information click “Edit Profile”
    1. Description, Interests, etc…
  4. To edit your Interests, Click the “Edit profile” button and start typing in the “Interests” field; auto-complete will show you matching interests
    1. Autocomplete requires at least 3 characters
  5. Once you select a match, click the “ADD” button
    1. Click on an Interest to remove it
  6. Once your done changing your profile, click “Save Profile”
  7. To change your password, go to the “Manage Settings” area
    1. Click “Change Password”
    2. Enter your current password
    3. Enter the new password
    4. Click “Change Password”
  8. To edit your subscription settings, go to the “Manage Settings” area
    1. Click “Change Subscriptions”
    2. Pick the desired option for each newsletter
    3. Click “Change Settings”
  9. To edit your account settings, go to the “Manage Settings” area
    1. Click “Manage Account Settings”
    2. Change the settings/options as desired
    3. Click “Change Settings”