How to create an update for your project

  1. Go to your Dashboard
    1. Hover over your name at the top right of the screen (Circled in yellow)faq-dashboard
  2. Under “Updates”, click “Add New”
    1. Can also be done from “My Projects”, “Add Update” Button
  3. Enter the title and content for the update you wish to make
  4. Attach any PDFs or external links you need
  5. Select the project this update is for
    1. If coming from the “My Projects” page this will be done for you, or if you are only involved with a single project
  6. Click either “Save Draft”, if you wish to save it for review before publishing; or “Publish” to publish your update
    1. When an update is published, user following your project will be informed, as well as other members of the project team