How to create a project – When logged in

  1. Go to your Dashboard
    1. Hover over your name at the top right of the screen faq-dashboard
  2. Under “Projects”, click “Add new project”
    1. Can also be done from by clicking “Submit a project” in the menu
  3. Fill in the information on the page
  4. Select the primary contact for the project
    1. Default is the user logged in
    2. Only users with an account can be considered primary contacts
  5. Add your team members
    1. If the user is not found by their name, they will get an invite to the email address you provide
  6. Add Keywords to the project
    1. You can only add words from the current list of keywords
  7. Click either “Save Draft” or “Publish”
    1. You can’t publish a project if one of the following is true
      1. You’re not logged in
      2. Any fields with a * are empty
    2. Once the project has been created, you can add resources to it